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Telephone Exhibits

These are the exhibits currently available on Manufacture Discontinued.

  Presidential Telephones of the United States

My favorite Western Electric telephone set is the Call Director, and the first time I ever saw one was in a photo of the desk in the oval office.

This is an historical look at the telephones used by Presidents of the United States, including photos of the phones in the oval office of the White House and in use on Air Force One. [More...]

  Rare phones showing their colors

When telephones were first introduced into homes in America, you could get them in any color you wanted. As long as you wanted black. Then phones in colors were introduced in the 1940's. Some colors are rarer than others.

Here are some rare Western Electric desk sets made in colors you might not see every day in these sets. [More...]

  Telephones from interesting places

Some normal phones from some special places.

This exhibit includes a Western Electric 500 set used at NASA Langley Research Institute, and a Western Electric 6-button phone from the American Embassy in Bangcock, Thailand. [More...]

  The rare phone with a cartoon character name

This is the "Shmoo", a fore-runner of the Trimline telephone, which was used in field trials around 1959.

The nickname for this unique telephone was a reference to The Shmoo, a character in the Lil' Abner comic strip, who the handset of this phone coincidentally resembles. [More...]

  The rarest Touch-Tone phone

Today we take pushing buttons to call someone on the phone totally for granted. But in 1960, it was a very new concept, and the Bell System tested it a few areas before bringing it to the general public.

This is a close-up and inside look at the rarest Western Electric Touch-Tone desk set. [More...]

  The Wonderful World of Rotary Dials

The rotary dial has been around almost as long as there have been telephones.

This is a photo gallery of some rotary dials that are out of the ordinary, including several different 11 digit dials, the backwards dials used in Oslo and dials from Canada that avoided being bi-lingual. [More...]

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